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Skills List
Skills List

The following outlines the skills and services we offer:


Design, development and engineering of:

  • Fibre optics, microwave, infra red and radio based communication networks for telecommunications, wide area networks, local area networks, CCTV/security systems and intelligent building applications.
  • Integrated command, control and communication systems for CCTV/security systems and intelligent building applications based on dedicated analogue or digital technologies of digital IP platform technologies.

Pre Contract Engineering

Development and preparation of bids from basic project specifications outline designs and surveys including:

  • Technical proposals including equipment and system specifications.
  • Preliminary network topography proposals.
  • Preliminary equipment and activity schedules.
  • Preliminary program proposals.

Project Engineering

Development and preparation of final project engineering including:

  • Detail integration design including system performance specifications.

Network topography design including:

  • Sketch or full communication network topography schematics as appropriate to contract.
  • Cable installation and numbering schedules.
  • Fibre splicing plans.
  • System interconnection, cable and fibre patching plans.
  • Health and safety documentation.

Location equipment and activity schedules including:

  • Sketch or full layout drawings as appropriate to contract.
  • Equipment listings.
  • Pre-build requirements.
  • Method statements.

Testing and commissioning schedules including:

  • Transmission equipment and fibre optic test specifications.
  • Testing plans and record documents.
  • Method statements.
  • Outcome and rework requirements.

As fitted documentation including:

  • Network topography schematics.
  • System interconnection, cable and fibre patching plans.
  • Cable and fibre numbering schedules.
  • Location equipment listings.
  • Equipment specifications and manufacturers maintenance recommendations.
  • Test and commissioning records.
  • Recommendations as to spares holding.
  • Procurement Installation & Commissioning
  • Procurement of equipment and materials for and installation and commissioning of the following types of system:
  1. Multimode and singlemode fibre optic networks for operation at 850nm, 1300/1310nm and 1550nm wavelengths including WDM, CWDM and DWDM network types.
  2. Analogue & digital video, audio & data communication systems.
  3. IP platform communication systems.
  4. Command & control systems.
  5. WANs and LANs.
  6. Telecommunication networks.

Support Services

Provision of individual services to provide skills based support to customers including:

  • Communication network and fibre optic system design.
  • Installation of microwave, infra red and radio communication networks.
  • Fibre termination and splicing.
  • OTDR & ILM testing and network commissioning.
  • Communications equipment installation set up, testing and commissioning.
  • Test & commissioning records.
  • Network fault finding and remedial activities.
  • Network rescue, redevelopment and reactivation.

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