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Customers we have worked for and major projects we have completed include:

Singlemode fibre communications:

Tonbridge town centre CCTV scheme ‘long haul’ link to Sevenoaks.
Tunbridge Wells CCTV scheme ‘long haul’ link to Tonbridge.
Thatcham town centre CCTV scheme with ‘long haul’ link to Newbury.
Rushden town centre CCTV scheme.
Leamington Spa ‘Pump Rooms’ CCTV surveillance project.
St Albans town centre CCTV scheme.
Harpenden town centre scheme with ‘long haul’ link to St Albans.
Southbank town centre CCTV scheme.
Eston sports centre CCTV surveillance project.
Oxford University: University security centre to Thames Valley Police ‘CAD’ room ‘long haul’ CCTV and audio link.
Ashmolean Museum CCTV scheme and ‘long haul’ link to the security centre.
Said Business School CCTV and ‘long haul’ link to the security centre.
LB Lewisham:
Strategic business communication links.
Catford to multiple locations in Lewisham - 1Gb/S ‘long haul’ link to serve remote user groups.
Catford to Wearside - 10Gb/S ‘long haul’ link between server farms.
LB Tower Hamlets:
Royal London Hospital to Shadwell high fibre density strategic communication link.

Multimode fibre communications:

Tonbridge town centre CCTV scheme.
Tunbridge Wells CCTV scheme.
Oxford University:
Radcliffe Square CCTV scheme.
Science block and engineering area CCTV scheme.
Reliance High-Tech:
New Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital CCTV, access control and intercom sub-systems projects.
New Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital CCTV etc. system expansion.
Banham Poultry long haul Security, CCTV, emergency communication and networking communications.
Napp Laboratories CCTV surveillance project.
Lakeside CCTV surveillance scheme extension.
ROF CCTV surveillance scheme.
Amey Rail:
Birmingham New Street station CCTV and passenger information systems project.
Trafford Borough:
Tamworth Court 100 camera CCTV communications refurbishment.
Pickford Court Re-cabling scheme.
LB Lewisham:
High fibre density, long haul enabling works.
Malling, Laurence & Lewisham microwave ‘downlink’ site fibre optic interlinks.
Network ‘cut over’ programme.
TE Beach:
Lewisham Phase 4 CCTV Development fibre optic communication links.
LB Tower Hamlets:
Poplar High Street CCTV scheme.
Mile End Park CCTV scheme.
Bethnal Green Road CCTV scheme.
Watney Market, Shadwell, Cable Street and Tower Gateway CCTV Developments.
Ramco high security storage area CCTV, access control, intruder detection and emergency communication network.

Variant Projects:

Metropolitan Police:
Large scale, high channel count field deployment systems.
Vehicle mounted ‘base line’ equipment.
Fixed installation patching, switching and re-transmission station.
VA Tec Reyrolle:
Shell, Stanlow refinery Facility wide multi-node resilient Fast Ethernet safety and mission critical network for HV power supply command and control system.


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