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Independant Communications Solutions UK - Fibre Optic InstallationIndependant Communications Solutions UK - Fibre Optic InstallationIndependant Communications Solutions UK - Fibre Optic Installation

Welcome to the home of ICS - Independent Communication Solutions the complete fibre-optic and networking company:


Welcome to the online home of Independent Communication Solutions, your one stop for fibre optic installations, local area and wide area networks. ICS are dedicated to you the customer; guiding you through the early development stages of a fibre optic installation or network design and providing the necessary technical and logistic expertise to deliver tailor made solutions anywhere in the UK, Spain and throughout Europe.

Independent Communication Solutions operate in the UK and throughout Spain and Europe. We specialise in the design and engineering of fibre optic installations to support analogue and digital services and IP networks. Over the years our fibre optic installations have served many applications from UK city centre CCTV schemes, local authority LANs, WANs and storage area networks, through to disaster recovery schemes and mission/safety critical industrial control systems.

In addition to providing complete 'turn key' solutions, we offer a skills based service whereby we 'top up' the capabilities of our customers organisation. Thus we provide only the skills and services necessary to enable them to provide the complete solution to their clients. This can range from the provision of specialist services such as fibre optic splicing and testing, to the completion of fibre optic installations designed by our customer.

Please have a look around the site and contact us directly if you require any further information.

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